Stubborn Rhymns

I moved those bare feet a little further on down the road.  My last bare run was 0.4 miles. Today, I went 0.85 miles.  I wasted time donning the VFFs at the bridge limiting how far I could go in my 30 minute run.  Tally of 2.74 miles. 

Wait, didn’t I just promise the other day to start making my runs more fun and less concerned about distance?  Ahem…

Seriously, running in the VFFs was a lot of fun. 

Light on my feet

Running through the street

Listen’ to the beat

Oh, man, light on my feet


..which brings me back to the barefooting…strangely,  I felt labored and leaded during the bare portion.  Once I had my VFFs on I was all foot loose and fancy free.  (Pun totally intended)

This reflection upon my bare run brings me to a decision.  If I intend to spend my summer trying to have more fun with running, am I able to … do I want to struggle to go bare? 

How many times does stubbornness rule your day?  I’m beginning to realize that I am much more stubborn than I give myself credit for. 

I really want to get back to, no, I’ll be honest; I really want to brag about going barefoot. 

How to do that?

In a conversation at work, someone asked another co-worker how far he runs every day.  It was like 6 or 10 miles.  They asked what he does to warm up for those runs.  I looked at the co-worker, he looked at me.  We said simultaneously, “Run a mile or two”.   I, myself, have experienced when the later miles were better than the former miles.  I was training for my first half marathon.  I recall miles 1-5 had sucked but the next 2-3 miles were fantastic.

Perhaps it wasn’t the barefooting that caused me to drag in the beginning of my run.  Perhaps it was just the general warming up part.  So, I’ve decided to rearrange my running plans.  I will run bare through the last mile instead of the first mile. 

Yeah, I’m stubborn as a mule

I take carbs and protein as my fuel

I fight my brain in a duel

Using my feet as the tool

Conquer the mental game so I can rule.


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