Less Water


The flooded low lands of Forsythe.

That was my first barefooted trail run. Recently, I’ve heard several times over that barefoot runners prefer trails and rarely run on pavement. I’m not one of those runners. This trail really isn’t in the kind of condition a barefooted would want to run on, at least, not in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I will do it again, just for variety.

The far part of the trail is low and flooded. I ran through the mud but I drew the line at standing water.

I didn’t get very many pictures of the trail because 10 mosquitoes sucked the blood out of my left leg before I could get the camera set up.

A couple of sticks turned under me. Fortunately, my ankles function well enough that I didn’t end up with a sprain. (Thanks , barefooting)

One thorn got me right in the arch. My first barefooted “injury” of the year. I just pulled it out and headed up to the next mud bath. Now, I can’t even tell you which foot it was.

It was National Run day, but I couldn’t leave it just at that. I rode my bike to and from the trail. Today, I biked smiley and ran smiley (sort of).

The grassy trail that leads down to mud pits.




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