Head Spins

I just read the blog post and response from Asics on Zerodrop.

I have to say, “Wow!”  I didn’t realize how passionate people could be about shoes.  Oh, wait, I forgot about Imelda Marcos and her 2700 pairs of shoes.   Or Vogue Editor Anna Dello Russo with 4000 pairs.

Anna Dello Russo

Why is Anna wearing granny pants with this outfit?? 

I don’t have evidence.  I’ve never been interviewed.   If I ever go back to running in shoes, I will buy Asics.  I hate my Adidas shoes that were recommended to me by a running store so much that I’d rather go barefoot.  (pun intended, as it always is) I wear VFFs at times but I prefer barefoot. 

I have tendonitis in my heel and foot.  It is neither getting better or worse from running barefoot.  

Just like with my ‘religious’ beliefs, I am not going to go out and convince anyone which way they should run nor do I want them to shove their beliefs down my throat. 

I have a mind.  I’ve already considered things.  This is what I believe.  This is how I run. 

Yes, I still wear 3 inch heals when given the opportunity. (I really am a podiatry doctor’s nightmare)


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