Live Smiley

Although I haven’t run for almost a week, I have taken advantage of some everyday occurences to make the most out of healthy living.

1. Having just completed a Biggest Loser Team challenge at work, I took the weekend “off” and only put on a half to one pound.  Last night, I focused on not wanting to slide backward and got back into detoxing myself.  Three hours, later as I foamed at the mouth in front of the candy jar, I knew that I did not want sugar to take control over my life.  I’m not saying it’s going easy, just that the detoxing is still going and I am glad for it.

2.  My son’s and my soccer team tied the only other undefeated team on Saturday in our last spring soccer game.  Little dude played hard and had fun.  I signed up to coach again in the fall so, I guess I had fun too.  Afterward, we planned to go the ice cream shop to commemorate the season.   The shop didn’t open for another hour so we went home first.  Even with the threat of rain, the boys and I rode our bikes to the ice cream shop.

3. On Sunday, the boys and I pedaled into town again.  We went to a flag raising ceremony with some other cub scouts then headed to the movie theater before pedalling home again.  I love teaching the boys that the can get around without the use of the car.   They get a sense of accomplishment when they hear others say, “You rode all the way here?” They were also very excited about my new bike lock because we can go to a lot more places on the bikes now.   To me, it seems rather silly to get into a car for every little stinking thing when we live only a mile from town.  Riding the bike turns it into and adventure. 

4. No Sunday drives for this chick.  The hubs took me out for a walk through the neighborhood.  We walked at a leisurely pace.  I was barefoot, of course, but that wasn’t why we went slowly.  It was just nice to slow life down a bit and take in the neighborhood.  After not having run for nearly a week, I welcomed a chance to barefoot mosey.     

No, I didn’t run barefoot.  No, I didn’t run smiley.  Yes, I did my best to Live Smiley.

Coming soon: A review on my new Merrell Pace Gloves.


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