A Sweet Deal

Normally, I would be hand cuffed to the treadmill or couch whist the darling hubs is out of town. This time, however, I have finally manipulated a sweet deal for myself.

Hey, kids! What to go out for breakfast? How about we ride the bikes there?


Momma, you didn’t say you were going to run there. Momma!? You’re barefoot!
She always runs barefoot.

K-man carried my supplies. Two miles to breakfast and two miles home allowed me to have two chocolate chip pancakes.

We had friends join us at the restaurant. I had no choice but to reveal my super hero barefoot nature when we were leaving. She’s an alderman and asked me to let her know which sidewalks in town are in need of repair. Maybe my love/hate relationship with sidewalks can become a love/love relationship!

Lounging at the beach now!


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  1. Good explanation. I love to see clearly Martha

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