Toe Ring

Sure, the day wasn’t anything like we had imagined.

Sun, sand, swimming… was what we imagined.

Instead… Rain, lightening, shopping…

But, we had fun!

When I was 17, I bought a toe ring. I wore it for about 10 years before it fell apart one day. I was older and didn’t feel a need to replace it. I had kids and all.

Since it was raining today, we ditched the beach and headed into town to shop and eat. My husband said he just felt like buying something. The mood was starting to infect me also.

The first shop we stopped into was a typical souvenir, tourist shop. However, the foot shaped jewelry display in the case caught my eye. I thought fondly of my young years wearing a toe ring. Suddenly, I felt a tingle as I decided that I would buy something, a toe ring. After all, I’m a barefoot runner. I feel the urge to celebrate and display the engineering marvel called my feet. A bit of jewelry seemed to make perfect sense.

I scanned the rings to find MY design. Quickly, I located the etching of a hand and foot print. I pretended to look over all the other designs but I knew that the footprint ring was already mine.

You can’t see the etching in the picture. It’s neither here nor there because the ring is for me and I know the etching is there.


Just above my foot to the right, you can see K-man diving through the water.



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2 responses to “Toe Ring

  1. That would make a great toemail, just need a location and we would be good to go!

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