My mom used to say that getting ready for an event was actually more exciting than the event itself.  That it was the anticipation of the event that made the event.

I am anticipating many events right now.  Maybe that is why I am having trouble thinking clearly.

1. Six Flags Great America

2. Sisters Bash (gathering of all the girls in the family)

3. 20 year High School Reunion

4. Wheatland

5. My next run

Truthfully, 4 out of 5 of these events seem to be so far out into the future that they just don’t seem real. Tonight, though, I will run.  I will run long (or short).  I will run fast (or slow).  It will be scenic and perfect weather (or boring and hot and humid).  I sit at my computer with great anticipation for my evening event.  Not once has the anticipation of a run outdone the run itself.

I hope you can anticipate having as much fun as I am going to have tonight.


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