1991 – 2011

Things I learned at a reunion:

  1. You should start the reunion by standing on the outer edges of the room (with a group of friends) facing the crowd so that you can scan the faces of those arriving.  This will give you time to file through your facial recognition memories until to realize who that person is.  You will then have the upper hand when you go to say hello.
  2. You will be shocked at how much someone has changed.  This change may or may not be physical. The Mormon girl who is no longer a Mormon.  Need I say more?  It was a major shock.
  3. When you say hello to people you haven’t seen in 18 – 20 years, the first thing they will mention is last embarrassing story about you.  “We were just talking about the time you ran naked through the cemetery.”  The person next to you (unless they were there too) will say, “You didn’t, did you?”  You should deflect by remembering so-and-so was there, indicating that person did it and how is that person, by the way?
  4. The girls won’t seem to have changed much but the guys seem to have gotten better looking.  Picture Patrick Dempsey twenty years ago versus now.  This becomes unnerving when the Patrick Dempsey of your class brings up that you were his first kiss in the 7th grade.   
  5. Quite a few people don’t bring their spouses putting you in the awkward situation of inquiring how so-and-so is only to find out they are divorced or not asking how so-and-so is making you look rude.  On the other hand, it allows you to have conversations with the opposite sex without having to worry that someone thinks you are trying to hone in on their territory especially since you didn’t bring your own husband.
  6. People you were intimidated by were intimidated by you. 
  7. You will be unable to hide your barefoot/running nature and kick off your shoes as soon as possible.  You will also try to recruit Run Smiley participants.  People will note and essentially comment that you are still a little crazy. 
  8. Some people will come right out and call a spade a spade. You have to admire their moxy.  At the end of the night, Kirk very apologetically leaned forward to admit his ignorance and introduce himself to a cute, curly haired, red-head named Jill.  Jill, on the other hand, remembered Kirk clearly and stated “Oh, I know who you are; you were a jack-ass in high school.”  Those that didn’t laugh struggled to keep the smirk off their faces. 
  9. Your emotions will match a high thrills roller-coaster.  You will dread the idea of being old enough to attend your 20 year reunion.  You will be ecstatic to catch up with all your old friends.  You will be disappointed that several friends didn’t go.  You will look around and be happy that you choose the exact right outfit that is neither too casual nor too dressy.  You will be saddened that you didn’t make any concrete plans to continue the reunification of friendship prior to the next reunion, whenever that may be.  You will happily pig-out on whatever food you lay your hands on because you don’t have to worry about how you’ll look at the reunion anymore.  You’ll be sorry that it was over so quickly.  You will happily rejoin your husband and children and whatever time consuming activities you have for the next day.

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