Gravel Challenge

A short while ago, I was surfing through the barefoot blogosphere. Someone mentioned running short sections of gravel for training. (I’d love to give this someone credit and a link but I found it on one of those days that I was all over the barefoot map. It didn’t occur to me to write about it until a week or two later. If that was you or you or you or you please let me know) Now, back to the gravel… Well, it got me to thinking. I’ve run across every rough road in town. I can run 5 + miles of asphalt no problem. Maybe it was time to take it up a notch.

Our town installed a fantastic foot bridge so that visitors going to the island wouldn’t have to bike or walk the high traffic bridge at the center of town. I was pretty excited about the bridge until….

Departing the foot bridge

As a barefooter, I originally decided the rocks were too much for me so I would stick to the tight turns of the Route 66 bridge. Until, I came across that post by what’s-name and I was looking for a way to shake up my runs a bit. It was time that I answer the challenge. So I did.

Actually, I didn’t.

I took the new bridge but I didn’t run through the rocks. I mean, did you SEE them?!! It’s a long stretch of rocks.  I walk/slightly hopped until I got to where the rocks gave away to a bit of grass. Totally tough spot to go bare on. I think I’ll leave it to the shod and bikes.


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