Reinstating Thesaurus Thursday

Since joining the Run Smiley Collective, I quit training.   Let me back up, I quit competing in races so there was no need to cultivate my body for precision running.  Gone are the days when I would wake early in the morning to fret that the run wouldn’t be sufficient to inure my body for long distances, steep hills and oppressive heat. 

Now, I ponder, can a person continue to run without a mission other than just for zest?        

Yes, I believe they can.  The Run Smiley theory is probably one of the most effective methods to habituate an athlete. 

When I run I for as long as I enjoy it; I run as fast as I can enjoy it.  When I am done running, I count the minutes until I can run again. 

Now tell me, does it sound like I have acclimated to run?

Thanks to Barefoot Angie Bee for supplying today’s Thesaurusized word.


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