Getting The Kids Involved

Babies are wonderful but let’s not forget the benefits of a tween. They are so eager to experience the world and grow up but still want you around. Not to mention that these kids don’t know their way around town, yet.

After a lazy morning and Eggs Bendict, I figured it would be a great time to go run. I invited the boys to come along on their bikes and gave them permission to choose the route.

Mik took the lead turning here and there and ending up a bit turned around. (Not all of our streets are straight) I have to admit that it was fun for me to watch him take charge and make decisions. The run became sort of a spontaneous event. I didn’t know the course nor the distance. Usually, I like to know my routes. I have found that in races, I will run into a mental “can’t do it” wall if the course turns (or doesn’t turn) in a way I wasn’t expecting. The distance of the race doesn’t matter. This has happened as often in 5k-s as in half marathons. So, it came as a surprise to me that I enjoyed being clueless about my Sunday route. Or maybe it was a relief to let someone else make a decision for a change.


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