This morning I headed out for a pre-dawn run. I struggle with running before day light. I wouldn’t consider myself scared on the dark but goose bumps creep across my arms the moment I look through the sliding glass door to behold the back yard camouflaged in the dark blue light.

After a lengthly (read stalling) warmup, I vacated the family room through the glass door and inched into the scarcely detectable morning. I proceeded to run a completely (as expected) uneventful run. No boogy men. No monsters. I didn’t even find dog poop. On the other hand, I came to the conclusion that if I continue in engage in morning runs as the light recedes, I will need to exploit my VFFs or Pacers because I am already straining to locate the stones.

The stalling for daylight left me with limited time to run. Which was a shame as the legs, lungs and belly were feeling passably hardy and I wanted to keep running. So, I decided to reward myself with a slight detour around the inner circle neighborhood.

This reward would be awarded provided I could roll into the entrance to the neighborhood by a certain time. This meant speed. I needed to run fast enough to have time to remunerate myself with a little more distance. Although this is me, and I understand my basic instincts, I realize there are millions of people who shake their heads in bewilderment that running, nay, running farther could be considered a reward. Not to mention, i didn’t give in to petty fears of darkness.

What’s that phrase?

Your sport’s punishment is my sport.

I love to run farther.


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