Long Hair, Bare Feet

My mom learned her lesson when my sister was a toddler. My sister had beautiful long blond pigtails. My mom hated having to take care of long hair on a toddler. When I came along I got the stair-step boy cut.

5 years old

I’ve never let my hair grow longer than my shoulders until last year and currently sport the so-long-it-gets-trapped-behind-my-back-when-I’m-sitting-in-a-chair look. I liked the idea of having long hair that could be pulled back into a pony-tail when I go running. I love the swish swish of the pony-trail. I suppose having been a girl of seven years old who was regularly mistaken for a boy, I always longed for the ultimate feminine sign of long hair.

Yet, having grown up with boy cuts, I never developed a tolerance for the feeling of hair on my neck and face. Couple that feeling with 95 degrees F and 85% humidity and you’ve got me thinking about scissors. Fortunately, I learned how to put my hair in a bun while on the run. I mean that figuratively as well as literally. I thought the swishing of my long hair pony-tail would be cooling on my neck. Ten times out of ten, I whipped my hair into a bun within five hundred yards of the door because instead of feeling cool it felt scorching. By the time August rolled around, I was trained to put the bun in place before I left the bathroom.

I got to analyzing my disappointment in pony-tails during a sweltering morning run when a light bulb went off. (Is it just me or do I have a disproportionate number of realizations about running? Perhaps I should read a running how-to book.) I heard through the Run Barefoot Girl podcasts that Jason Robillard explains that a necklace bouncing around your neck when you are running indicates you have poor running form. Jason states that running barefoot will help you correct your form and stop the bouncing necklace. Do you see where I am going with this? I think that I must be doing a pretty good job with my form because my pony-tail just lays on my neck instead of swishing around. Maybe I can try out that no bra thing that Caity and Shelley were talking about.

So, it looks like my pony-tail doesn’t work with my bare feet and one will have to go. That’s ok though, I’m pretty good with scissors and now I have painted toe nails to show off my femininity.


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