Can You Take The Heat?

Last night, I took my daily barefoot walk with my husband even though it was cold enough for me to wear a sweater and jeans. I’m determined to go barefoot for as long as I can to maintain the puppy-like pads on my feet. My feet weren’t too cold but I’m anticipating tonight’s walk to be nicer because we have sunshine today that will heat the pavement.

Barefoot walking isn’t the only fall challenge I am engaged in.  In the fall, I witness not only the falling of colorful leaves but also the falling of the temperature in the house.  We resist using a heat source for as far into fall as we can.  As the kids get older, I’m more lenient with how low I will let the temperature go.  2001 marks about the third or fourth year of our fall heat boycott.  I’m not the only one trying this out.  My brother and my sister hold out for as long as they can as well.  I’ve watched interviews on TV of people who don’t heat their house all winter.

My initial goal is to see how long I can go without using any method to heat the house.  I know we’ve made it into November before so I would like to go to November 1st, at least. 

We use a high-efficiency wood burning stove as our primary heating source in the winter.  Now you know where all those trees blown over in the tornado will go.  Seriously, there is nothing better than to receive a note from the gas company to check your meter because it doesn’t seem to be working right.  Ha!  My second goal is to see how long we can go without using the furnace for nighttime heating after we start building fires.

So, can you take the heat, all of it, and pack it away with the shorts and tank tops?

Anyone else want to give the No-heat challenge a try?

This morning’s 7 am thermostat reading: heat source – none, indoor temperature – 65 deg F, outdoor temperature – 39 deg F


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