Get Some Sleep

Sleeping is my talent.  I can sleep anywhere, anytime.  I slept through 80% of my freshmen college courses.  I struggle to stay awake five minutes after sitting down on an airplane.  I sleep; it’s my super power.

When I am woken up in the middle of the night, I am ridiculously groggy. I stumble through the house to take care of the cat or whatever woke me up. Then I shuffle back through the darkness to my stead-fast friend, my bed. On my way, I ponder the hour. I am delighted when I read on the alarm clock that it is no-where near the time for me to wake up. I have so many happy hours to employ my super power.

This past weekend I slept in a tent at our Cub Scout family camp outing. Although, I spent many childhood nights sleeping in tents, I can count the number of times as an adult that I’ve slept in a tent on one hand that has several broken fingers. I have no camping gear as I have never had motive to acquired camping gear. I presumed that I could handle just one night in a tent in late September with just a couple of blankets and a pillow.

That night progressed like a 6th grade band concert. When I went to bed I didn’t change into something more comfortable because I feared breaking the heat seal. I thought sharing blankets with my husband would allow me to steal heat from him to make me warmer. Instead, I was disturbed every three minutes by movement and cold drafts as he shifted to get more comfortable. Our top blanket was an old comforter of ours. It’s been washed so many times that I think the fluff must have migrated to the corners. I’m fairly certain that was the same situation for the blankets beneath me because there certainly wasn’t any cushion in between the points where my hips and ground came together. We were just up the hill from the outhouse with a metal door. I can tell you exactly how many times the outhouse was used that night. It was used three times by my husband alone. I was sure that my head was lower than my feet despite a thick pillow. I slept about five minutes of every hour. I was miserable every minute of that night and could not wait for it to be over with.

I mused at how vary different I felt on that night compared to most other nights. Every time I opened my eyes, I was hoping to see daylight glimmering. It looks like tent sleeping just might be the kryptonite to my super power.

Unfortunately, as the Pack Master, I won’t be able to get out of future camping trips.  Christmas is going to have a theme this year: Camping.

I have my eye on one of these.  Have you ever used one?

ALPS comfort pad



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2 responses to “Get Some Sleep

  1. I have a thermarest. Come in a variety of lengths, widths, thicknesses and therefore weights. If you’re not concerned with weight, opt for the deluxe, super easy to pack, unpack and store. Never used the ALPS, because I’ve always been happy with what I’ve got. Good luck with your research and with Santa Claus!

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