The World’s Strongest Man

Because we heat our house with a wood burning stove, my husband made a great deal with a friend who has a tree felling service. This friend dumped a load of wood that he didn’t want in our front yard. The hubs took the chain saw to these gigantic 8 feet long pieces of wood. K-Man and I stacked the smaller pieces in a neat (not really) row along the driveway to be split down to the proper portion at later date. Now, when I say smaller pieces, it’s a relative term. Not all the pieces were small, just small-er.

I squatted low, wrapped my arms around a log and heaved it in toward my center of gravity as I lifted. I waddled toward the wall of logs as the crowd cheered me on. I kept a constant pace that would let me turn in a good time but wouldn’t tire me out before placing the log on top of the pile. The announcers analyzed my unique technique and my surprising first place rank considering that I was a rookie competitor in The World’s Strongest Man.

Heck yeah, I was 100% submerged in a Wold’s Strongest Man fantasy. I LOVE the World’s strongest man contests. The tasks they perform are outrageous. Whenever I think they’ve come up with the craziest way to demonstrate strength they go and add a 500 lb. anchor.

It’s not unlike the looks I get from people when they find out I’m a barefoot runner. Of course people need perspective, barefoot running isn’t on the same level as World’s Strongest Man because barefoot running is easy. Anyone could do it. Carrying large logs requires a bit of strength. Carrying a 300 lb marble slab in the shape of the Africa requires The World’s Strongest Man.

So, take off your shoes and think about it while I go defend my title as World’s Strongest Log Carrier.



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