I Spy With My Little Eye

In the kitchen- I spy with my little eye… a miniature Reese’s peanut butter cup at the very bottom of the candy jar that is filled with a ton of crappy candy the boys got for Easter. I slam the lazy susan shut and run for the living room.

In the Family room – I spy with my little eye… a red Skittle that my son is holding in his hand while watching Disney’s Robin Hood. I quickly shift my eyes to the TV and start singing along with the movie, “he won’t be known as John the first but he’s sure to be known as John the worse…”

At work – I spy with my little eye… a box of donuts made by the local Italian bakery that was brought in by a sales person and set in the lunch room. I deliberately keep walking past the lunch room even though the water cooler is in there.

At the restaurant – I spy with my little eye… a hot molten chocolate lava cake with ice cream ala mode. I shove the dessert menu back behind the condiment rack and napkin holder then concentrate on my very satisfying glass of water.

On the side of the road – I spy with my little eye… an empty Dairy Queen container…OOHH, LET’S GO TO DAIRY QUEEN… Thank goodness the car is a mile away and the idea seems silly when I get there.

At the Baby shower – I spy with my little eye…cookies…candy…cake…Oh, MY!

It seems that every since I started NO sugar streaks that every where I turn these items are there, jumping out at me, torturing me, ANTAGONIZING me. They burn my retina like a laser beam. It’s as though I’ve developed X-Ray vision and can see right through any material that might try to conceal a sugar treat. I turned into a bloodhound that can sniff out sugar from 500 yards away.

The truth is that these items where always there. It’s just that I’ve become conscience of them. Even though I wanted to lose weight in the past, if I saw the Reese’s pb cup, I’d just eat it. Half of the things in the house that I’m not allowed to eat were items that I bought. Case in point, I’m the only one in the family who knows Girl Scouts.

The NO sugar streaks are hard but they make me mindful of what I am supposed to eat and what I am not supposed to eat. It’s not like banning cookies is a new concept for me. I’ve been on and off diets since I was 18. But for some reason, the streaks work.  Starting today, I am on a NO sugar streak.  I am at 18 hours and counting….

Wish me luck that I’ll be able to turn a blind eye.



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3 responses to “I Spy With My Little Eye

  1. Kzoo Penny

    good luck. It gets easier. Honestly it does.

  2. I spy a stylin’ lady who has just won the Stylish Blogger Award! (But you have to visit my latest post!) Bučas, Liene

  3. Kristine

    Since halloween, it’s not just “I spy with my little eye” all the candy others have brought to work in order to not have them at home – but it’s also the “I hear with my little ear” all the wrapper chrunching going on as co-workers, one after another, find the hidden bucket and treat themselves! I’m on low carbs which means no sugar either and every crunchy sounds makes my imagination fill with peanut butter cups followed by almond joys and mini-snickers. I did give in one night here alone and had four ! pieces. yours in wavering will-power….Kristine

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