House Of Cards

I’m living in a house of cards. I made a decision earlier this year that degraded my bare bones shelter to a house of cards. I have been stressed and nervous about any wind that could come along to blow away my fragile house of cards. It seems like ever since I made that decision, I have been plagued with drafts and breezes reminding me that I have no insurance for my house of cards.

Two times recently, two different people unknowingly gifted me with a small amount of glue to steady the bottom layer of cards. I’m thankful, but I am ashamed. I put myself in a situation where I had to rely on someone else to supply the glue.

It’s time that I grow up a little and start securing the cards of my house with my own glue. If I do it right, I could even build a house of sticks or even bricks. Mostly, I need to make sure I have a house where I can take refuge when the winds come. A place where I can stay and know that if a blizzard or tornado came, I might suffer some damage, I might need some repairs, but that I won’t be taken down in the ruins.

Thus, 2012 becomes the year when I change and grow up. 2012 will be the year when I learn from mistakes that could have been disastrous and take comfort in actions that provide security. 2012 is the year I sacrifice my irresponsible, scary youth for a strong, sustainable shelter.


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One response to “House Of Cards

  1. Kzoo Penny

    I think we think being an adult will be easy, because adults know what to do. It’s not. And you only learn from mistakes, and become a better human being from them. You can do it! I know you can. (She says to herself as much as to the blogger) I hate being a grown up. And I hate making tough decisions. When does it get easier? Because it seems that each step/milestone in life isn’t easier it’s just hard in a different way. It is only as a village we will survive.

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