The Polk-a-Dot

Your driving southbound on Route 66 in your Daddy’s brand new, 1955 cherry red caddy with the top down. Your pony tail, sitting high on your head, and the scarf you tied around it this morning are whipping around under the brilliant sunlight.


It’s almost Christmas and it’s 2011 not 1955. So, instead of being in your daddy’s cherry red caddy with three of your friends, each with a poodle skirt that fills more than half the seat, you are actually driving a 2006 red Honda sedan, wearing stretch jeans and have your two tween boys in the back seat.

Either way, the destination is the same. The Polk-a-Dot, a year round standard 1950’s themed diner on Route 66 on the north side of Braidwood, IL. It claims to be a drive-in but you don’t get served at your car. They enclosed an area around the “ice cream stand” so that you can sit inside. It’s actually better this way because you get to look at walls full of 1950’s celebrities, Betty Boop, a few photo ops with life size celebrities, and it’s open year-round. One of the best things, is a fully functional, 100% legit Wurlitzer stocked full of Christmas songs long forgotten and Elvis singing Blue Christmas from a 45. Well, the rest of the year it’s regular golden oldies.


Forget going to Dairy Queen and stop by Polk-a-Dot instead. DQ in these parts is closed during the winter anyway. K-man has a soft spot for their shakes, Mik likes the root beer floats, the hubs is a banana split man, and I stick with the strawberry sundae. They have it all plus food.


For a quarter, the little kids can “drive” the car with flames.

Shakes, root beer floats, and fries!

I love being just a short drive along Route 66 from this classic. 50 years of Polk-a-Dots can’t be wrong.


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  1. Makes me think of the old drive-in A&W rootbeer stands………

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