Fight Like Susan

Today I won’t be writing a post for you. I have a demand for you.

I want you to go to the Fat Cyclist and read the his post. Right now.

Wait. I’d appreciate it if you’d skim through the rest of my post first.

Then go here:
Diagnosis. This is the start of the story of Susan’s Fight with Breast Cancer. She was 37.

But, don’t stop there. Read Fatty’s blog from start to finish. This is by far the best blog ever written.
The Fat Cyclist Start: I Am So Cliche

Be warned, it might make you want to ride a bike, eat Oreos, ride with Lance Armstrong, wear Clydesdale covered clothing, but mostly, it will make you want to Fight Like Susan.


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  1. Bad stuff, that. My bio mom had it 10 years ago at 45. I have a good friend now in the throes of it. Chemo and radiation since August; second mastectomy in a few weeks. Bad stuff, that.

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