Thesaurus Thursday

I am so excited about this week!

Why, you ask?

Because this week, I moved up to 1.5 miles!

What, you catechize?

Last week, I ran 1.25 miles each run. This week, I increased the distance to 1.5 miles. (running only, walking is a separate distance)

Why aren’t you running farther, you canvass?

Tendonitis issues in my right foot throughout 2011 led me to decree a break from running for nearly all of December. I established a plan to increase my distance at an excruciating pace to remove any doubt of committing the sinful “too much too soon”.

Affirmative, I am blissful and fervidly await my subsequent rendezvous with the piceous, circumvolve belt of nullity. I will scuttle and culminate 1.5 miles discalced.

Existence is recherché.


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