The Suckage

I haven’t written much about running lately because I’ve been keeping my mileage under 2 miles in the last 5 weeks. It’s hard to come up with something to write about because just as soon as my gears get greased, I’m turning off the treadmill.

It’s double suckage running.

The First Suckage
I committed myself to increasing my distance at a very slow rate after taking December off. However, that doesn’t prevent me from desiring the exhaustion that only a five plus mile run can deliver. It doesn’t hinder the craving for the sweat and calorie burn I get from running. It doesn’t stop me from wanting to spend an hour performing mental mathematical computations during a run to determine the speed needed to travel the a certain distance in the time allotted, to determine how a speed increase or high intensity interval might affect my completed mileage, or how many feet in elevation I may have climbed. (I have never calculated that. It just sounded cool.). The point is I want to run farther so it really sucks that I am not. Therefore, most of my runs suck.

The Second Suckage
I’m not sure if it as age thing or just a running thing, the first mile always sucks. It seems like no matter how much I warm up before hand, that first mile sucks. I don’t have any adrenaline to ease my aches and pains. I don’t have any endorphins to lift my mood. I don’t have any sweat to wipe from my brow. So, if my mileage is less than two miles, more than 50% of my run sucks. If I can run farther, the percentage of suckage greatly decreases with every passing mile. Only ten percent of my run will suck on a 10 mile run.

So, the double suckage explains why on Saturday when I was given free reign of the treadmill that I ran 3.6 miles instead of only 2 miles. That’s a 46% reduction in suckage based on the first mile sucking and 100% reduction in suckage because I got to run farther than I should have.

Ya know, some runs just don’t suck.



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7 responses to “The Suckage

  1. Since the brutal freeze we are struck in , I have been running at lunch on a treadmill- something I have not done in about 4 years. I am really annoyed by having to wait for a treadmill to open up and then when I do get one one of the two (sucky) treadmills, I do the same mental nonstop math, because I have only 30 minutes to run as fast as I possibly can (I can almost do 6km, but not quite) and one treadmill is metric and one is in miles. Since I am used to km, the miles really makes my head smoke with calculations. But I suppose it fills the time, because otherwise I am just staring into amirror thinking,thank god the treadmill covers my view of my waistline, because otherwise I would have to stare at some serious jiggle for those 30 min!! 🙂

    • Liga- I would not be running outside in your weather either!! I like your indicator though. If the cat doesn’t go outside, neither do I.

      Es dzīvoju palaist! (blame itranslate if that doesn’t make sense)

  2. I hear ya! If I go less than 3 miles I feel the same way; that first mile or so is finding the groove that works, and once you set into it the run is over!

  3. The first mile no matter how far you’re running does suck! Actually sometimes it takes me close to 3 to really warm up. Keep at it!

  4. Totally agree. I don’t ever start feeling decent until I get the first 3 to 3.5 miles in. Lately, all my runs have had suckage because I haven’t had time for the longer ones. And, despite taking a full week off when I was sick and adding a second rest day for the last few weeks, that spot on my R foot (extensor tendinitis) stays sore whether I run or not.

    There is no logical reason for it, since backing off my mileage and when it was higher, it wasn’t bothering me. I’m getting closer to the thing I want to do at the end of the month, but am starting to wonder if I have some fractures there….. meh.

  5. I always find the first mile or two the hardest, ESPECIALLY in the am when my body is still waking up.

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