Barefoot Shoe Photo Shoot

These are my new shoes. They are Merrell Life Serene Gloves.


Blah. It seems like everytime I take pictures of my feet/shoes for this blog, I’m at work (on lunch, of course). The result is mundane. I’m jealous of those barefoot pictures with stunning backgrounds.

If I could magically transport my feet (port key? floo powder?) to an awe inspiring location for the photo shoot, my feet would go here…


Except, these shoes aren’t very practical in two feet of snow, in temperatures hovering near the zero mark. The open top that allows for easy slip on might lend to frostbite in extreme northern climates.

Thus, I had better think of a more fitting backdrop for modeling my shoes, such as…


Although, these shoes are comfortable enough to be worn anywhere, especially without socks, this photo is an inaccurate depiction. Because, if my feet were at the beach, they be dressed like this…


I purchased these shoes to be my business casual, barefoot shoe. It’s likely that these shoes will traverse all their miles in locations such as this…


Just right for the rat race in the city.


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One response to “Barefoot Shoe Photo Shoot

  1. I love Merrels they are the greatest shoes I’ve ever owned and those are cute

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