Morning Spring Up

It’s not spring but we are having spring like weather. I catch myself every morning looking out the window to see what is popping up.

Robins? No.

Crocus? No.

Snowdrops? Yes.


That’s right, I have been looking out the window every morning since January judging the amount of light in the early morning hours. While others are still snuggled under their comforters, I’m hoping it’ll be light enough to make it my last run on the treadmill.

I love the four seasons. I love the snow. I just wish that we didn’t lose all of our early morning daylight at the same time. Despite what Punxsutawney Phil said, spring is coming. I see the sky getting lighter every morning.

There isn’t as much light as I need to run 3 or more miles. But I just might be able to seek out A mile.

Watch out, the runner’s high is going to be unbearable that day.



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