Views and Comments

WordPress tries to comfort me by telling me that my views of my own blog are not counted in my stats.

Just a note: we don’t count your own visits to your blog

Which is really a shame because my stats would be tremendously better.


They’d probably be the best stats in all of WordPress because, honestly, I am obsessed with reading my published blog posts.


Let’s face it. I’m doing all this for me so it only makes sense that I view it the most. Then, after I tire of reading my most recent blog post, I just pretend I’m Julie and read it through her eyes for the first time. I repeat the process for Olga, Mike, Susan, Herman, Ivars, Maria… etc. Really, by the time I’ve reread the blog through the eyes of all the imaginary people in my life, it’s like my blog has been read by THE WHOLE WORLD! Which really gets me excited. Until I see the stats that don’t show any of these views. Hrmpf.

Look, I’ve even posted the most comments on my blog and I’m 50% more likely to comment than my top commenter, Tikk Tok. Although, at only 15 comments, I really should convince Julie or Herman, or Ivars to comment more often. Tikk Tok is a real person, just check the link




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10 responses to “Views and Comments

  1. You are cracking me up! If I had a rotating IP, I’d do a better job on your hit counter. 😆

  2. dave

    You could always increase your traffic by dropping facebook friends names in the title of your blogpost. Curiousity will drive them to blog.

  3. Kzoo Penny

    I’m commenting now just to increase my stats of commenting.

  4. And this reply is purely to try to catch up to Penny in the stats department… But blogspot gives me a choice whether I want to count my hits or not. Thankfully it gives no such choice to my mother who accounts for the other half of my hits.

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