We already know that I can not be trusted alone in a room with pictures of my feet. This time, they sent them home with me. I bet you never would have guessed I’d go to these lengths to get unique pictures of my feet.

Here are a few of my favorites:

I wish I knew how to read an MRI picture.


Look at all that muscle! Yeah, barefootin’.


Is there a baby growing in my foot? (It looks more realistic in the real picture)


Mmmmmmm, BRAINS! Say hello to my zombie toes. They’d like to have you for dinner.


Is it true that the MRI adds 10 pounds? Oh, it must just be the twins. Wait!? TWINS!?!




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7 responses to “The MRI

  1. Kzoo Penny

    only you…

  2. But what does it mean????!!! (and I have pictures of my insides…… in color………. :lol:)

  3. You’re going to frame those and hang them on the wall right? Did they figure out what was wrong?

  4. i wish they would have sent me the image from my brain mri, but they totally just gave me paper with results….now the real question is what does yours mean??

  5. Surely, I wouldn’t tell the whole story in one post!!

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