An Apple For My Foot?

I must start eating apples again. After all, what is the old saying? An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

The podiatrist called me yesterday to discuss my MRI. I have to give her credit for taking the initiative to call me instead of waiting for me to make an appointment.

The diagnosis: NOT a stress fracture. Instead, it is a stress reaction which is (insert Charlie Brown’s teacher talking noises). Internet running board forums say its like a bone bruise. Some state that it is a condition you have right before getting a stress fracture.

It’s interesting how adaptable we become to the chronic aches and pains of our body especially as we grow older. Looking back on last year, I can remember trying to sit with pretzel legs on the living room floor while watching American Idol with the kids. I wasn’t able to sit in that position because the weight of my leg squeezed my metatarsal bones together triggering pain in the stressed area. Recently, I realized that for many months, when I sleep on my side, I intertwine my feet so that I don’t put any pressure on the side of my foot.

Yes, I’ve had this pain for a long time and I’ve adapted several coping mechanisms. Yet, despite how much it irks me, I am going to follow the doctor’s advice and WEAR THE BOOT (mine is more like a shoe) for two weeks. Why give in? Because, when I was in to see with the podiatrist originally, the nurse indicated that bending your foot slows down the healing process. I guess I’ll find out.

While there are many poised to point their fingers at my barefoot running, I am not quite so certain of that cause. A friend of my sister’s once told me a story about her knee pain and all the things she did to try to solve it. As it turned out, the pain was being caused by her using one foot to kick off the shoe on the other foot. Who’d have thought? My point is that I recently read a post by The Maple Grove Barefoot Guy about how weak hips and rear can cause barefoot injuries.

BLING!!. (that’s the light bulb going off)

I have had chronic hip issues since about 2007 or 2006 which if anyone is counting was long before I started the barefoot run. So, in addition to resting the soft tissues of my foot, I will also be working on some deep tissue issues and massive strengthening of my buns.

I have a 5 k race in 3 weeks. What do you think my chances are? By the way, hand me an apple, I want to run, not see a podiatrist again.




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5 responses to “An Apple For My Foot?

  1. Does vibram make a five fingers boot?

  2. Interesting. Will have to read the hip stuff, since my are bad. I have found it helpful (for the hip stuff, at least) to do some hip strengthening exercises in addition to hurting myself with a roller. 🙄

    I absolutely do not think it’s what you are wearing on your feet. Going minimalist or barefoot, imo, will reveal weaknesses that will eventually rear their heads, no matter what you are wearing on your feet. But in the meantime, it may masquerade as all kinds of other things.

    Take the time off- it’s just one race, right? I’m pretty sure there will be lots of others, even though it’s disappointing to miss one you’ve planned on. In the long run, the goal is to *run*………….

    • You’re right. It’s the long term commitment to running. Technically, it doesn’t hurt at all when I run now but it’s the concern that it could develop into a major problem.

      • That’s always my biggest fear, honestly. I’d rather take it easy and/or cut it short and still be running down the road than pushing and really getting injured. At least that’s my story. 😉

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