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5K Reality

It would be dishonest to continue writing about running without admitting that my sub 30 5K finish in New Orleans was a bit of a disappointment in my whole scheme of running. I knew I wasn’t going to do well because of the prescribed rest time but I had “previously won or placed” pride to contend with. I masqueraded that disappointment with the joy of recovering my ability to run again. I was happy to run again but not very happy that I didn’t just pick up where I left off. I wanted it to be like a movie.


Reality Bites and it isn’t just a movie from my college years. Like the movie, I grew up, accepted myself and found a hobby, running, that made me happy. I won’t deny that placing in races was a major confidence booster for me. When you find out your better at doing something than you ever thought you would be, you develop some high expectations. These days, I need to adjust my expectations to the Mid-life Reality Bites.

I’m on the edge of exiting my current age bracket. Age brackets make the competition fair. It compares apples to apples. No matter how vernal I may look, there is nothing that will prevent the calendar’s nudge into that next age bracket. No matter how vernal I want to stay, I confess that I can no longer compare my current abilities to the abilities I had 5 years ago. Not to mention the lengthened time needed to heal from injuries now. I used require just two weeks of rest or a few nights of ice. Yes, that age bracket stares me down and tells me to be realistic. It’s a pill to swallow but that’s reality.

With this fresh dose of medicine, I reset my bar for 5k races at 29 minutes and some seconds from my finish at Papercon’s Runnability 5K in New Orleans. I view this as a suitable starting point for my not so vernal state. But, I have no intention for this bar to cemented I to place.

In fact, this past weekend, I ran in the Pause for Patriotism 5K. It was two loops around a hill. It started with 3/4 of a mile down hill then had a 3/4 of a mile climb back up that hill. Then repeated. I finished 2nd for my age bracket with 28 minutes and 35 seconds!

The reality is that I’m not as fast as I was but I can be faster than I recently was.




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Running Waters

We’ve had some heavy rains lately. Last week, we had to move our scout meeting away from the park due to a flood warning. Seagulls have taken up residence in the farmers’ fields.

There is a creek near our house that I use as a measurement of how much rain we’ve had. Maybe it really isn’t a creek but a river. I think of it as a creek because the first year we lived here it nearly dried up. Not right now, look at it last week.



For your comparison, I took these pictures of it back at its normal levels on Monday morning.



What does this have to do with running? It’s running water. My creek is just an example of the things you see and learn when you are out for a run. Running is more than running.

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For The Health Or Fun Of It.

Last Sunday was the Run For The Health of It race in Kalamazoo. I wanted to run it but I couldn’t because of conflicts with the kids.

So, I ran at home. I ran as far as I could. Well, almost, I ran as far as I could till I decided that I could run farther but shouldn’t. I haven’t run vary many miles in 2012 because of the stress reaction. I certainly didn’t think I should go run the half marathon as much as I wanted to do it.


I ran five miles… barefoot. (Disclaimer- I put on my shoes for a half mile in the middle then decided my shoes were too heavy) Not one of those miles was a junk mile. (even the mile with shoes was good)

Do you know how I felt about that run?

I felt smiley! I pledge not to run any junk miles in 2012.

Happy running, folks!

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The World Is My Dance Floor

Sure, I should be writing about how much I love running again. More likely, I should be finishing up my work report.

But, I’m not because the kids are asleep, I’ve got a cool one in my hand, and the buds in my ears. It’s a Friday night dance-a-thon right here in my living room.

Put down that remote and join me on the living room dance floor!


My front windows double as dance studio mirrors! Yes, I think I can dance.

Edit: you know what is great about being your own DJ? You can replay a great song until you get your fill, skip a song that doesn’t “move” you, and pause your favorite until you get done peeing! I love Friday night living room dance floor!

Edit: Proof that you never know what is going to move you. Currently playing, Sonata in C Minor.

Edit: you know what’s great about ear buds? I can crank the music as loud as though it would shatter the windows but the kids can still sleep! That would be Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Edit: Lynard Skynard said, “turn it up,” so I did.

Edit: It’s getting late/I’m getting old. Now, I’m sitting in a chair nodding my head to the beat.

Double edit: Tainted Love… It calls for a return to the floor.

Edit: the night is never over till ABAA has been played. Take A Chance On Me and you’ll see I’m right.


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