The World Is My Dance Floor

Sure, I should be writing about how much I love running again. More likely, I should be finishing up my work report.

But, I’m not because the kids are asleep, I’ve got a cool one in my hand, and the buds in my ears. It’s a Friday night dance-a-thon right here in my living room.

Put down that remote and join me on the living room dance floor!


My front windows double as dance studio mirrors! Yes, I think I can dance.

Edit: you know what is great about being your own DJ? You can replay a great song until you get your fill, skip a song that doesn’t “move” you, and pause your favorite until you get done peeing! I love Friday night living room dance floor!

Edit: Proof that you never know what is going to move you. Currently playing, Sonata in C Minor.

Edit: you know what’s great about ear buds? I can crank the music as loud as though it would shatter the windows but the kids can still sleep! That would be Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Edit: Lynard Skynard said, “turn it up,” so I did.

Edit: It’s getting late/I’m getting old. Now, I’m sitting in a chair nodding my head to the beat.

Double edit: Tainted Love… It calls for a return to the floor.

Edit: the night is never over till ABAA has been played. Take A Chance On Me and you’ll see I’m right.



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4 responses to “The World Is My Dance Floor

  1. Your mix sounds about like mine! I do have to say, though, if I’m running, Susan Boyle grates on me big time…………..

  2. Kzoo Penny

    Wow. I’m impressed….I haven’t danced alone in years…

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