For The Health Or Fun Of It.

Last Sunday was the Run For The Health of It race in Kalamazoo. I wanted to run it but I couldn’t because of conflicts with the kids.

So, I ran at home. I ran as far as I could. Well, almost, I ran as far as I could till I decided that I could run farther but shouldn’t. I haven’t run vary many miles in 2012 because of the stress reaction. I certainly didn’t think I should go run the half marathon as much as I wanted to do it.


I ran five miles… barefoot. (Disclaimer- I put on my shoes for a half mile in the middle then decided my shoes were too heavy) Not one of those miles was a junk mile. (even the mile with shoes was good)

Do you know how I felt about that run?

I felt smiley! I pledge not to run any junk miles in 2012.

Happy running, folks!


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One response to “For The Health Or Fun Of It.

  1. I skipped my 10k this past Saturday. I hadn’t actually registered, but no regrets about missing it. I wish I wasn’t so many miles behind or I’d take some time off. Heh. 😉

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