Running Waters

We’ve had some heavy rains lately. Last week, we had to move our scout meeting away from the park due to a flood warning. Seagulls have taken up residence in the farmers’ fields.

There is a creek near our house that I use as a measurement of how much rain we’ve had. Maybe it really isn’t a creek but a river. I think of it as a creek because the first year we lived here it nearly dried up. Not right now, look at it last week.



For your comparison, I took these pictures of it back at its normal levels on Monday morning.



What does this have to do with running? It’s running water. My creek is just an example of the things you see and learn when you are out for a run. Running is more than running.


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  1. 😯 We here have actually had some rain, too. Totally freaks the chickens out because we don’t have it enough for them to even really know what it is…….

    Time to go kayaking!

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