Ron’s Pork Shack

I’ll admit that I drove here tonight to get a slice of Mama’s pizza. But, when I walked in the door a friendly lady inquired,

“Are you here for Mama’s or Ron’s?”

The ladies entering ahead of me bee-lined for the pizza. I felt a little guilty dosing out more rejection so I redirected my belly. Usually, we have Mama’s delivered, so, I hadn’t realized the two restaurants share a building. Pretty frugally smart if you ask me.


The food:
Cole slaw – good, looks homemade and if it isn’t then they’ve got a good source for it. I particularly liked the big, crunchy pieces of cabbage.
Pulled pork on a bun, easy on the mild sauce – the meat was juicy, tender, and flavorful. The sauce was very easy but you don’t need sauce on meat like this.
You know how McD and B-K use their buns to cover up the taste of their meat? Ron’s pork doesn’t NEED a bun.

See? It’s all gone.

The Service:
Jimmy Johns has some competition. Since I didn’t order fries it was blindingly fast. I didn’t even finish catching up on my texts.

The Atmosphere:
This is the only downfall. Pizza business in our town is about delivery so it makes sense that this “restaurant” makes a run-down greasy spoon look high class. However , being located at the entrance of South Island Park makes it a great place to pick up something for an impromptu picnic with the best scenery in town.

Final result, I can’t wait to bring the hubs here when we’re looking for a fast meal that doesn’t leave us feeling like we’ve been coated in grease from the inside out. This meal is definitely worth getting it to go.



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6 responses to “Ron’s Pork Shack

  1. So when is a room available at your abode? You said pulled pork and that is my kyptonite.

  2. Reblogged this on smalltownjules and commented:
    Sometimes a stomach just drives the car. Since pulled pork is my weakness, we managed to twist our way into visiting the first family. First family because they are godparents to 2 of our children and due to it’s usually the first on the list when we talk about who we want to visit. After drooling through this post, I was longing for a Wilmington road trip. How awesome that later in the week, dear husband said he was hankering for some first family time! Yes!
    The pulled pork was every bit worth the 3 hour drive; succulent, flavorful, and let me not forget about the sides! The beans were tangy, had a tad of a kick, and a hint of celery seed (my favorite for good bbq). Then came the slaw, I am a pulled pork topped with slaw kind of gal. The slaw, housemade as is everything else, was creamy without too much, crunchy, and just a refreshing accompaniment to the tangy bbq sauce. Sorry Barefoot Rose, but we may just crash again so I can try the pulled chicken next time!

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