Five Minutes

I’m lounging in the front seat of a Metra train car on a time consuming journey to celebrate the summer solstice. My oldest son sits in the seat facing me. When I warned him about the time of this trip he didn’t believe me. You need to have a certain mindset to commute. I knew we were in for an even seemingly longer trip when he began to ask how long we’d been on the train at just five minutes into motion. He asked again five minutes after that.

Five minutes ago, my son caught me staring at my phone and wanted to know what I was doing. I forgot to bring my book so I was entertaining myself by reading a blog.

“What are you doing?”
“Reading a blog.”
“What kind of a blog?”
“A running blog.”
“You’re always reading running blogs.”
“Well, I like to run so I can relate to what these people are writing.”
“Is it someone you know?”

That discussion quickly morphed into Mik making up and singing running anthems to me.

“We wish you a happy running day. We wish you a happy running day. We wish…” He sang it for about five minutes.

Ok, so maybe this trip will be a lot more entertaining than I thought, although, I might hit my limit on Pokemon evolution and strategy discussion if that lasts any more than five minutes.

Following the commute into Chicago, we needed to walk to Union Station to catch the 352 Wolverine. I had planned a lackidasical hour for adventure, discovery, and PotBelly’s. Five minutes into the walk, I heard, “When are we going to sit down and eat?” Lucky for him, I’m a flexible person. The whole trip was his idea to begin with so, why force the kid to hike around Chicago with a 15 pound backpack to make him miserable. The only problem is that we sat down for lunch at 10:25 am. We pretended that we were already in Michigan time. Time zone changes make everything good. Aren’t people always saying it’s 5 o’clock somewhere?

It’s hard to walk past the Sears tower without taking a moment to strain your neck to look at the top. I had no intention of paying the fee to go to the Sky Deck. That is for another day when the Hubs and K-Man are with us. However, we took about five minutes to look around the lobby and ogle. It never gets old to walk past the Sears tower. You can tell the nearby buildings know they have an architectural standard to uphold. It’s a clique of dapper looking buildings.



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