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This One Time, At Band Camp

The other night, the hubs and I were watching the Olympic high platform diving. NBC was demonstrating how their dive camera conveyed the speed at which those ridiculously high dives took place. I turned to the the hubs and said, “This one time, in band camp… I jumped off the high platform.”


A few years after band camp, the hubs and I fostered a long standing friendship with Dave and Elisabeth. We became best friends with them when we lived four blocks apart and we’d show up at their house every Sunday (or Friday or Tuesday) with a bucket of beer. Not one of those puny restaurant buckets, mind you, this was a plastic five gallon bucket of beer.

At the time, Dave and I worked for the same company. I can’t tell you how many hours we spent sharing stories around the water cooler between fighting “fires” at work. My stories almost always started with “Once, in band camp…”

So, can you imagine how hysterical we were when American Pie came out?

Just to be clear, none of my stories included a flute. After all, I played the flag. (Only the color guard will get that)

Still, to this day, Dave and other non-band geeks don’t understand band camp. Band camp was awesome. I only spent one week out of my Sophomore to Senior summers at Central Michigan University band camp but I came away with a lifetime of memories. I’ll never play the flag (or clarinet) professionally but when the Olympic divers get on the high dive platform, I know what it is like to stand there and look down at that teeny, tiny pool below and still have the guts to jump.

Oh, and this one time, at band camp…oh, you’ll just have to wait until next time to find out.


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What’s Banxing? If celebrities can mash up words, so can I. Glamping anyone?

Banxing is another barefoot activity I enjoy on a regular basis. Barefoot isn’t just for running, you know.


Last year while watching Biggest Loser, I decided that I would add boxing to my workouts. But, I found myself tiring quickly of just hitting a bag. You can only have an imaginary fight for so long before you start thinking that if you haven’t knocked out your opponent by now you’re probably suffering from some severe black eyes and a bloody nose.

Having music blaring in the garage enhances my boxing workout. As much as I am a runner, I am that much more of a dancer. When a great song comes on during my boxing session I find my booty starts shaking then I start punching a rhythm. Next thing I know, I’m bouncing my knees and banxing (boxing and dancing) song after song.

Sometimes a song brings about more dancing than boxing. Sometimes, when I shake, shake, shake…shake, shake, shake shake my booty, I actually punch, punch, punch…punch, punch, punch, and shake my booty, shake my booty.

This last picture isn’t about banxing. I just can’t resist a good bike ride to get ice cream.



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Balance In The Morning


I must have seen the term MovNat somewhere without realizing it. I didn’t actually know what it meant when I started using it. It was just a concept that seemed completely instinctual. Sort of like how the concepts of Run Smiley and being barefoot seem natural. says:
MovNat is a fitness concept that teaches you how to move naturally with ease, power and grace. You become very fit through the practice and that fitness is applicable to any area of life.

I don’t have formal training and haven’t attended a clinic, yet. I think of MovNat as kind of like remembering how to play. I keep my body moving and challenged the same way I see kids doing it. I don’t know if you noticed it, but kids are like ants. Their strength to body size ratio is a lot higher than most adults I know.

There is a park near our house. I find myself “exercising” there more often or stopping by after a run. My primary activity is seeing how quickly I can traverse the black boarder encapsulating the jungle gym. It requires balance, especially in the section that is broken and leans at an extreme angle. Can I get through without touching the ground? (Afterall, the ground might be burning hot lava!)

The best thing is that I never feel like I’m exercising. I just feel like I’m a kid who snuck out of the house early in the morning before anyone else woke up to play at the park.

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