Yeti Beti

Yeti Beti is a women’s professional mountain bike team. I live in the prairie so, it’s not like I go mountain biking. I’ve never been biking in Coloradoi and haven’t even watched the Yeti Betis race. However, I do own their T-shirt.

There are days when I think I own that shirt even though there it’s hard to find a hill in Illinois let alone a mountain.

Like, one Friday when K-man and I zig-zag across town with friends on bikes looking for some din din. Who closes on a Friday night?

Or, the next day, when I took K-man out for a trail ride to ease the Saturday afternoon blues. We rolled out to Forsythe woods. If it weren’t for river valleys, Illinois wouldn’t have any change in elevation.

Do you recall that my mountain bike only has two gears on a good day. Fortunately, I only fell over twice trying to climb the Forsythe Woods trail in my two gears which neither seemed suitable for the conditions.

Next stop, ice cream. No falling here, although, I may have skipped to the door.

A few days later we needed to stop by our friends’ house to pick up something. Why would we take the car? We just need to avoid the gnat festival next time because there wasn’t a foot of road that was gnat free.

In my little world, I’m a Yeti Beti.


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  1. IL and elevation changes – you forgot to mention highway overpasses.

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