Crunchy Leaves: A Time To Walk

Truthfully, I haven’t been exercising. My reasons would only make everyone this side of the Mississippi rub their fingers together for a ensemble of the World’s smallest violins to play Cry Me A River.

So, I stepped on the scale…yeah, I’ll just say there is some work to be done. I will resist free cookies as though they were free salad! I know, I’ll go for a walk!

Today was the kind of fall day all outdoor exercisers hope greats them as they crack open the door. I let the bright sunshine squint my eyes. I let the cool breeze dry my armpit sweat. I took advantage of a barely deserved hour long lunch. I’m walking my walk.

I don’t find things much more satisfying than hearing the crunch of dried leaves under my feet. I suppose that is why I choose to walk through the narrow strip of first fallen leaves laying in the gutter even though the level road was clear and open. I have a crunchy walk today.


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