Stop Before You Get Started

When the boys were very young, a friend shared sage advice about having them ride snowmobiles.

“You need to make them get off the snowmobile before they want to so that they are really excited to ride the next time.”
– R. Grivins

I haven’t been running much this year. It started out with trying to resolve some aches and pains but spiraled into doubt and depression. I wasn’t sure I’d run again but worse, I didn’t really care that I hadn’t run.

The other night when all was quite except for a mouse and me, I went to the treadmill. I knew that I would never get up in the morning to exercise, the best use on my time right then would be a 1 hour walk on the treadmill.

Most people dislike the treadmill because it’s boring to run in the same place. Mostly, I agree. Yet, on this particular time, I loved my treadmill. Because I become bored on the TM, I started running short intervals. I can’t even recall the last time I went running before this. I’d lost my running mojo, yet, here I was running, again. Every time a short interval ended, I wanted to run more. The short intervals were just too short, and I couldn’t wait for the walking intervals to end so that I could run more.

R. Grivins was right. I had to stop running before I wanted to. As a result, for a first in long time, I am excited about going running again. Even if it has to be on a treadmill.


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  1. I’m with you there. My mileage has totally tanked. I am really looking forward to getting moved in and getting most of the painting done so I can really knock out some miles. It’s probably going to be another month, though. *sigh*

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