Encouraging Girls On The Run

Last weekend was a hilarious gathering of most of the women in my mom’s family for our annual Sisters’ Bash. Mom died 11 years ago from pancreatic cancer, so, my sister and I rely on maintaining this tradition with our family so we can stay close to her. Even if it does mean that I end up being the automatic reference for butt or ass in charades. It was an honor I earned rapping a rendition of Da Note Ta Folla So with my pants hanging low.

Before leaving for Kentucky, my sister recruited me to help entertain my neice over the weekend. It’s a girls’ weekend but Miss A was going to be the only one under 30 attending. Remembering that Miss A signed up to participate in a Girls On The Run event, I figured it was a good time to get some training for it. It seemed like a good idea until my sister emailed back saying Miss A lost interest in training because she’d rather play than run.

Sounds like a job for Run Smiley, doesn’t it?

12 hours after the gluttony of the Sisters’ Bash began, I informed Miss A that it is time to go running and running with me is F-U-N. As it turns out, another cousin’s 10 year old daughter was in attendance at the Bash too. I felt a little pressured when the 10 year old, my sister, and my cousins all asked to come along after I expressed the fun-ness of running. Gulp. This year’s Bash hostess lives out in the boonies of Kentucky. There is no playground, no parking lot barriers, no manicured business landscapes, no skate parks, no… I was going to have to figure out how to Run Smiley without all my usual bag of tricks. I was surrounded by private property and a road.

Alright, I’m being overly dramatic. It is one of those things we do so well at the Bash. It seriously wasn’t that hard to Run Smiley and if had been then I’d be a little disappointed in my abilities.

Two steps out of the frighteningly steep driveway, I tapped Miss A on the shoulder and yelled, “You’re it.” Then took off running. Playing tag is a seriously effective way of completing your speed intervals. You are going to run way faster than you would any other time when you have someone chasing you.

I’m pretty sure I heard Miss A tell my sister that it was fun to run with me.


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