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Thankful, In a Nutshell

Thankful, In a Nutshell.

My friend, Julie, wrote this. I think it’s perfect.


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Breaking Dawn Part II Review-ish

Don’t worry, it’s safe to read this review. There will be no spoilers.

I am going to the midnight Twilight movie. I’ll admit, 70% of the reason is to get popcorn. -Stephanie Rose

I was out for a walk last night with R when she informed me that she would be attending the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn. She pleaded for me to go with her. Or, did I beg her? Of course I said yes. She may have reluctantly agreed to let me tag along. Who wouldn’t want to watch the epic love story ending at first availability? Or eat 5 pounds of extra buttered, extra salted popcorn for a midnight snack?

20121116-094812.jpgExtra Large, Please.

Big Screen vs. Little Screen
Out of the five movies, I have only watched two in the movie theater. Guess which ones are my favorites? I used to believe that big screen viewings were only necessary for epic action films like Star Wars. Now I’m changing my tune. My ability submerge myself into the love story only occurred when I was staring at larger than life depictions of Bella and Edward. Therefore, the movie theater viewing wins hands down.

Big Screen vs. Book
It’s hard to adapt a book to the big screen especially when a great deal of it is about emotions. During the entire Harry Potter movie series, I kept thinking about all the things missing from the books. It was pretty much the same thing with Breaking Dawn. Even splitting it into two movies, I felt like there were so many important things that were glossed over. Bella, your a vampire now, cool. Next scene. My belief that books are better than movies holds true yet again.

Well Done
It’s been a few years since I read the book so perhaps some of my memory is a little spotty. Or maybe it was selective. Either way, I thought the climax of the movie where the good guys face the Volturi was excellently done. I’d guess by the gasps in the audience, they felt the same way.

Poorly Done
While reading the Twilight series, I was 100% Team Edward. In my mind, an epic love story could only conclude with first loves having a happily ever after…forever. But, in the movies, I’m 100% Team Jacob. When it comes to the movie, it’s about appearance. If you are on Team Jacob, be warned, however, Taylor Laugtner only takes his clothes off one time in this movie. At that point, I thought I was watching scenes from Magic Mike based on the response of the audience. I even heard “Take it off, Baby” come from the seat next to me. Surely, they could have come up with a few more reasons for Jacob to show off??

20121116-095054.jpg Sorry, Ladies, I said no spoilers. Thanks for the graphic.

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When I Run I Think

Sometimes when I run I think about nothing. Sometimes when I run I think about everything.

One morning on a run just before the election, I was thinking about national politics then office politics leading to everyday politics. I was thinking about what to do and wondering if I knew what I was doing.

Suddenly, I became cognizant that I didn’t know what I was doing. At some point, I had started walking instead of running. Sacrebleu! I hadn’t noticed!

I took off running again, keeping my thoughts focused on kinetic energy and bio mechanical functions.

Sometimes, I have to think about running.

I, seriously, love this photo. By Lance Wei. Check out the rest of his work at


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I Was Running

I was running. I know, tell you something you don’t know because when am I not running in a story in this blog?

So, as I said, I was running. This is not going to be one of those blog posts where I strain for hours to come up with a clever or thesaurusized way to say it was cold, or sunny, or the white house on the corner is neat-o.

Back to the story, I was running. At this point, I can’t even remember what I was going to tell you in a no-nonsense way. Maybe I was going to say the white house in the corner is neat-o?

Right, so, I was running. See, when I forgot what I was going to say, I walked into the other room when BOOM, it hit me and I remembered what I was going to say.

I was running. End of story. What else is there to say?

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Sights For Running Eyes

It was almost as if the weather was in competition with day light savings.

You think an earlier sunset is going to freak people out about winter coming? Check this out. Boom. Frost.– Weather

Still, sudden cold weather can bring on some spectacular sights that I only get to glimpse when I am running.

The frost left the freshly tilled garden looking like a lady who’d gone too long between coloring appointments. An even layer of silver covered the dark, rich soil.

There were no clouds in the sky to hold in the previous day’s heat. The first rays of sunlight diffused into a pastel pink so paradisiac that Easter eggs would be covetous.

A distraught rabbit hops to safety in a sporadic wildlife sighting. I am sorry that he clearly thinks I am a hungry wolf stalking prey. There’s no way to assure him that it’s an innocent encounter except to run down the road away from him.

Why do images like this and a hundred more running related memories lay permanently in my brain, yet, I can’t remember the image of my gas gauge converging on E?

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Albert The Cat

This is my ancient cat, Albert. He is a scaredy cat (of people) so he lives in the backyard and greets me at the door every morning. Truthfully, he just wants his stinky salmon breakfast.. His age is getting to him and he has changed. I know this because he won’t eat unless I give him a few pats to wash the salmon down with.

The other morning, even though the hubs was aggravated with my delayed departure for my run, I stopped to pet Albert for a minute.

When I was assured that Albert’s physique is winter bound, I took off into the doleful morning and ran on damp pavement. I enjoyed the few maple leaves lingering on branches and in ditches. The futile street lamps shone like a twinkle lights in a Christmas window. It would be a short run but aren’t they all shorter than I want?

I watched and listened to cars passing by on the road ahead, perpendicular to the one I was following. It’s the road that shepherds me to the final turn for home. Each set of tires made the destinctive sound of rubber breaking away from water…


…until they get to the stop sign at the turn. I can’t see the sign but I hear the silence then they pull away again.

A Jeep comes into my view. I can tell that it’s speed is much faster than the other cars. The switzelswitzelswirzel turns into a screech when the break lights come on. Screech. Screeeech. It’s out of my view but I hear once more SCREEEECH. Then…


Either the Jeep stopped in time for the stop sign or there wasn’t anything in the intersection for the Jeep to crash into but it had to have been close judging by intensity of the screech of the tires struggling to hold onto the pavement.

I come to realize that the stop sign, my home turn, is only about a minute from where I’m currently running. Had I been one minute earlier… Had Albert not begged me for some petting… I might have been crossing in front of that speeding Jeep when it struggled to stop at the intersection.

Tomorrow, I think I’ll spend two minutes thanking Albert.


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Classification: Runner

People are always trying to classify runners and joggers. I think of jogger as an outdated 1980’s sort of term, a bit like “groovy” or “far-out”. Non-runners, be warned, runners are easily insulted by the term jogger. Fast runners, be warned, you might think we are joggers, but we make your sport a household name.

I classify myself as a runner. Here is one of many reasons why:

It is because after I finished running my first mile, I decided to add another mile to my workout plan. After I finished running the second mile, I decide to take a detour that would add another half mile to my route. When I finished running the third mile, I looked around to admire the nice weather, beautiful landscape, and intriguing buildings. I was happy to be outdoors on my own power. When I looked at my watch to see how much more time I had to run, I was disappointed after all those miles to see I needed to head home which was only one more mile.

Not every run is like this but many are because I am a runner. That’s my classification.

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