Sights For Running Eyes

It was almost as if the weather was in competition with day light savings.

You think an earlier sunset is going to freak people out about winter coming? Check this out. Boom. Frost.– Weather

Still, sudden cold weather can bring on some spectacular sights that I only get to glimpse when I am running.

The frost left the freshly tilled garden looking like a lady who’d gone too long between coloring appointments. An even layer of silver covered the dark, rich soil.

There were no clouds in the sky to hold in the previous day’s heat. The first rays of sunlight diffused into a pastel pink so paradisiac that Easter eggs would be covetous.

A distraught rabbit hops to safety in a sporadic wildlife sighting. I am sorry that he clearly thinks I am a hungry wolf stalking prey. There’s no way to assure him that it’s an innocent encounter except to run down the road away from him.

Why do images like this and a hundred more running related memories lay permanently in my brain, yet, I can’t remember the image of my gas gauge converging on E?


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