Breaking Dawn Part II Review-ish

Don’t worry, it’s safe to read this review. There will be no spoilers.

I am going to the midnight Twilight movie. I’ll admit, 70% of the reason is to get popcorn. -Stephanie Rose

I was out for a walk last night with R when she informed me that she would be attending the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn. She pleaded for me to go with her. Or, did I beg her? Of course I said yes. She may have reluctantly agreed to let me tag along. Who wouldn’t want to watch the epic love story ending at first availability? Or eat 5 pounds of extra buttered, extra salted popcorn for a midnight snack?

20121116-094812.jpgExtra Large, Please.

Big Screen vs. Little Screen
Out of the five movies, I have only watched two in the movie theater. Guess which ones are my favorites? I used to believe that big screen viewings were only necessary for epic action films like Star Wars. Now I’m changing my tune. My ability submerge myself into the love story only occurred when I was staring at larger than life depictions of Bella and Edward. Therefore, the movie theater viewing wins hands down.

Big Screen vs. Book
It’s hard to adapt a book to the big screen especially when a great deal of it is about emotions. During the entire Harry Potter movie series, I kept thinking about all the things missing from the books. It was pretty much the same thing with Breaking Dawn. Even splitting it into two movies, I felt like there were so many important things that were glossed over. Bella, your a vampire now, cool. Next scene. My belief that books are better than movies holds true yet again.

Well Done
It’s been a few years since I read the book so perhaps some of my memory is a little spotty. Or maybe it was selective. Either way, I thought the climax of the movie where the good guys face the Volturi was excellently done. I’d guess by the gasps in the audience, they felt the same way.

Poorly Done
While reading the Twilight series, I was 100% Team Edward. In my mind, an epic love story could only conclude with first loves having a happily ever after…forever. But, in the movies, I’m 100% Team Jacob. When it comes to the movie, it’s about appearance. If you are on Team Jacob, be warned, however, Taylor Laugtner only takes his clothes off one time in this movie. At that point, I thought I was watching scenes from Magic Mike based on the response of the audience. I even heard “Take it off, Baby” come from the seat next to me. Surely, they could have come up with a few more reasons for Jacob to show off??

20121116-095054.jpg Sorry, Ladies, I said no spoilers. Thanks for the graphic.


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