My Little Ponies

When we lived in Port Huron I would have to drive through Detroit to get to the airport for business trips. Every time I would see a billboard alongside the highway that read

That was it. Just a blue sign telling me to Release the Kraken my endorphins. That was before I was well versed on running and exercise so it took some time before I understood the meaning of the phrase. The campaign was effective though because, over ten years later, I still think of that billboard on the side of the highway in Detroit.

This morning, ten years later, my very cheap DVD player didn’t want to cooperate forcing me to advance to the next level on 30 Day Shred. Considering how little exercise I have performed in the last year, I was much more capable than I expected, especially, since this was only the second time I had shredded (this year). Yes, you guessed it. My success resulted in an endorphin release.

So, what does an endorphin release look like? Does it look like the Kraken? No. Do you recall how, in a cartoon, a toon that gets hit on the head with something that knocks it out will have little birdies flying around in circles above it? For me, it’s a little like that except my endorphins are My Little Ponies that gallop all around before disappearing over the horizon.

My Little Pony Endorphins


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