This Is My Christmas OAM Moment

You can have your Elf On The Shelf. It’s cute but not for me. Besides, the Elf I know has a stick up his butt. Literally. My sister will have to post the picture for you. It wasn’t even an “I Hate Elf On The Shelf” incident. We found him that way. But, I’m getting off the subject…

Instead of Elf, I do something else at Christmas that makes every person I know say,”WHY?” It’s not even a question. It’s an statement indicative of a major waste of time.

What do I do that is so terrible and over the top? I decorate my presents.

20121218-155306.jpgI finally found a paper suitable for the black star ribbon that I’ve had for years.

20121218-161158.jpgThe ribbon color AND style must match the paper.

When there are plenty of matchy-matchy ribbons, it’s time to get out the glitter.

20121218-161215.jpgPlain tissue paper is best but sometimes you just can’t resist drawing on a big canvas present

20121218-161224.jpgFor my fairy goddaughter

Even then, glitter gets a little boring and you need to think outside the box. (Ha! Pun!)


No, I don’t save the wrappings each year. Although, I do save ribbon IF it has wired edges. There is one wrapping that I have kept for decades. It was from the ones who started all these crazy ideas. My own OAM and Dad.

The doll was originally given to my sister and I. The hat removes to reveal a present inside. Miss A gets to open it this year.

I know what you are thinking, “Yes, it’s pretty, but… Why?!”

12/19/12 Edit: This photo was suplied post publishing by my Brother-In-Law and Sister.

Rose Christmas 1959



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  1. The snowman from last year is still one of my all time favorite packages.

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