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Stages Of Life

It’s common to mark a stage of life with a major life event like marriage, birth of a child, or the Over-The-Hill party. However, the excitement I felt over the installation of a new toilet seems to be a much more accurate marker of this stage of life.

This kid knows what I am talking about.
Dye Test In My Glacier Bay Toilet


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I used to think that I’d have to lose all my weight by the time I was 40 or I’d be a lost cause. The funny thing is that at 40 I’m wiser and I know it’s not the end.

I’d like to add that my wisdom with age realizes I might be wiser but I am not the wisest. It’s like learning to never say never. I know there is much more to experience and wisdom to gain in the next 40+ years.

So, here’s another bit of wisdom I’ve gained from my experiences over the last few years.

My birthday is in December. It coincides nicely with end of the year wrap up and goal setting, except, by New Year’s Eve, it’s already old news to me. On my birthday, I imagine where I’ll be on my birthday the following year, at least, in weight loss terms. Then I say to myself, “Self, you’ve got 365 days. GO!”

Yeah. It doesn’t work out that way. First of all, in the first 10 days, it is still the holidays. Second, I am a world class procrastinator. I don’t start thinking about getting serious until October when I realize I’d better get serious because that next birthday is getting dressed for a party.

“People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, but they really should be worried with what they eat between the New Year and Christmas. – unknown

Mostly, I’m lucky if I even maintain my weight through those last few months of the year. For example, I was a goner by November 10th.

So, here’s my personal wisdom. Like the quote, I need to stop thinking that I can cram all this work into the last few months. In fact, I need to give up on November and December altogether. I don’t have 365 days. I have from January 7 until the end of October to make significant progress on this life style change. November and December should be reserved for a whole different life project.

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In About An Hour

Last week, I procured fancy new glasses. Even though I have vision insurance that designates only a few optometrist around town as in-network, I still went to LensCrafters. Do you know why? Glasses…in about an hour.

It’s about the instant gratification. I’ve been waiting about a year to get new glasses, I was not about to wait any longer no matter what the benefit. (Yes, I will still get reimbursed for a portion). As soon as that new Flex Spend kicked in, I was all over the store trying on the ridiculous to the awesome. Once I viewed my awesome new bling, I wanted them right away, not a week later. Instantly… In about an hour.

This episode reaffirms my preference for instant gratification. Which is probably why I’ve sucked at weight loss the last two years. I’ve waited for decades to get down to the “ideal weight” so whenever I start a life change, I want to SEE a change…in about an hour. When I don’t get the satisfaction I about an hour.., I go eat what I want because that is satisfying right now.

So, I’m going into my renewed promise for a life change this time with not only do I need to eat better, exercise more, but, I also need to be patient. Eating habits won’t change overnight, I’ll still have cravings. Exercise habits won’t change overnight, there will still be too busy weekends in Michigan. My clothes won’t change overnight, there will still be ones that hang in the back of the closet.

I just need to face it, in about an hour…I’ll still be working on that life change.


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I have a craving so strong I can almost taste it!

The crunch…the steam…

Just thinking about it almost makes my eyelashes freeze…

Yes, I crave something that makes my eyelashes freeze over.

I’m sure most of my family presumed I am talking about a craving for ice cream cone. Usually, the answer would be yes, but, not today. At least, not during the writing of this post.

I ache for a snowy run through the park. Oh, how I long to struggle to navigate through three inches of snow in shoes that were never meant for slippery conditions. I yearn to hear that snow crunch underfoot as I leave a lasting impression criss-crossing through the park. I pine for that moment when I struggle to blink after the condensate from my steamy breath collects on my lashes then freezes.

A snow blanketed park is peaceful and quiet. It seems like a whisper can be heard for miles, or, at least, by the snowshoer, the only other likely visitor but with much better traction, that would be walking through the other end of the park. I’d have to be careful what I whisper under my breathe when I fall on my rear just in case she’s offended by four letter words, like “sunn n rain”.

Global warming go away, bring back my snowy day!

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Reason #1: Pain Killer

Usually when I list a reason for this or that I pick a random number between 1 and 1000 because my reasons may or may not be equally important and I think it takes too much time to organize and prioritize my reasons. However, I believe I have found my number 1 reason to lose weight.

Reason #1: Pain Killer

If I lose weight, it will kill the pain. I’m not talking about emotional pain. I’m talking keep-you-up-at-night physical pain.

Hips, tips, and more
I’ve had chronic issues with my hip for about the last decade. Christmas night, my hip was a little achy from hours sitting around the table enjoying the company of my family in my home. At 3:30 am, I was wide awake in hip agony. That’s hardly how I wanted to wrap up Christmas. When I’m on the light side, this doesn’t happen.

Often in the morning, my hands ache down to my finger tips from inflation or water retention. Whatever, it’s not pleasant to feel like your fingers belong to the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

What’s more is that I’ve been living with a constant gut ache since December 28th. Almost a decade ago, when I followed the Atkins diet, I realized that I stopped getting a post-meal gut ache. I’ve been eating a lot of carbs lately and suffering the consequences.

So, maybe all this is caused by dehydration or gluten or some other injury/disease. This isn’t about how to resolve those issues, it’s about why. The extra weight aggravates or causes these problems. Taking that weight off will be more effective than two Advil.

The physical pain of being over weight is my #1 reason. It’s better than fitting into a bikini (Reason #789) It’s better than showing up Ms. So-n-so at a party/reunion/etc (Reason #436) It’s even better than just liking how I look. (Reason #71)


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Day 1 of New Year’s Crack Down

I’m pretty well known in my husband’s family for claiming every year that my husband, kids, and I will be under a crack down starting in the New Year… except I always say it starts on January 2nd because, well, New Year’s Day just isn’t the right time with family visiting… last minute candy gifts… no one wanting to cook…

So, for the 2013 Crack Down, I started with Chinese Food, ice cream sundaes, and an exercise rest day.

I’m totally going to ROCK 2013!

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