I have a craving so strong I can almost taste it!

The crunch…the steam…

Just thinking about it almost makes my eyelashes freeze…

Yes, I crave something that makes my eyelashes freeze over.

I’m sure most of my family presumed I am talking about a craving for ice cream cone. Usually, the answer would be yes, but, not today. At least, not during the writing of this post.

I ache for a snowy run through the park. Oh, how I long to struggle to navigate through three inches of snow in shoes that were never meant for slippery conditions. I yearn to hear that snow crunch underfoot as I leave a lasting impression criss-crossing through the park. I pine for that moment when I struggle to blink after the condensate from my steamy breath collects on my lashes then freezes.

A snow blanketed park is peaceful and quiet. It seems like a whisper can be heard for miles, or, at least, by the snowshoer, the only other likely visitor but with much better traction, that would be walking through the other end of the park. I’d have to be careful what I whisper under my breathe when I fall on my rear just in case she’s offended by four letter words, like “sunn n rain”.

Global warming go away, bring back my snowy day!


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