In About An Hour

Last week, I procured fancy new glasses. Even though I have vision insurance that designates only a few optometrist around town as in-network, I still went to LensCrafters. Do you know why? Glasses…in about an hour.

It’s about the instant gratification. I’ve been waiting about a year to get new glasses, I was not about to wait any longer no matter what the benefit. (Yes, I will still get reimbursed for a portion). As soon as that new Flex Spend kicked in, I was all over the store trying on the ridiculous to the awesome. Once I viewed my awesome new bling, I wanted them right away, not a week later. Instantly… In about an hour.

This episode reaffirms my preference for instant gratification. Which is probably why I’ve sucked at weight loss the last two years. I’ve waited for decades to get down to the “ideal weight” so whenever I start a life change, I want to SEE a change…in about an hour. When I don’t get the satisfaction I about an hour.., I go eat what I want because that is satisfying right now.

So, I’m going into my renewed promise for a life change this time with not only do I need to eat better, exercise more, but, I also need to be patient. Eating habits won’t change overnight, I’ll still have cravings. Exercise habits won’t change overnight, there will still be too busy weekends in Michigan. My clothes won’t change overnight, there will still be ones that hang in the back of the closet.

I just need to face it, in about an hour…I’ll still be working on that life change.



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3 responses to “In About An Hour

  1. Hanna

    Very nice bling on your new fancy glasses. 🙂

  2. Penny

    I actually don’t crave sugar cereal at night when I’m hungry anymore. I’m surprised that as much as these are addictions, they are MENTAL addictions and so once you can break that mental pattern (habit) you do eventually forget about what you would normally crave. Good luck with your life changes, and breaking those habits.

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