I used to think that I’d have to lose all my weight by the time I was 40 or I’d be a lost cause. The funny thing is that at 40 I’m wiser and I know it’s not the end.

I’d like to add that my wisdom with age realizes I might be wiser but I am not the wisest. It’s like learning to never say never. I know there is much more to experience and wisdom to gain in the next 40+ years.

So, here’s another bit of wisdom I’ve gained from my experiences over the last few years.

My birthday is in December. It coincides nicely with end of the year wrap up and goal setting, except, by New Year’s Eve, it’s already old news to me. On my birthday, I imagine where I’ll be on my birthday the following year, at least, in weight loss terms. Then I say to myself, “Self, you’ve got 365 days. GO!”

Yeah. It doesn’t work out that way. First of all, in the first 10 days, it is still the holidays. Second, I am a world class procrastinator. I don’t start thinking about getting serious until October when I realize I’d better get serious because that next birthday is getting dressed for a party.

“People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, but they really should be worried with what they eat between the New Year and Christmas. – unknown

Mostly, I’m lucky if I even maintain my weight through those last few months of the year. For example, I was a goner by November 10th.

So, here’s my personal wisdom. Like the quote, I need to stop thinking that I can cram all this work into the last few months. In fact, I need to give up on November and December altogether. I don’t have 365 days. I have from January 7 until the end of October to make significant progress on this life style change. November and December should be reserved for a whole different life project.


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  1. Penny

    Maybe you should set several short-term goals, and then the one long-term goal (of which all the short-terms would add up to make the long-term)? Many of my life changes stick. In example, even though I wanted chicken fried chicken for dinner last night at the restaurant, I said…..yes, but you aren’t eating deep fried foods anymore. And yes, I do miss french fries and tortilla chips and sometimes sneak a few of these in. But it’s a change, because I don’t eat it (or anything else deep-fried) the rest of the time. So those life-changes will make a difference even between October and December.

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