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Barefoot Updated Confessions

I should have registered for 3 5K races over 2.5 weeks ages ago! Nothing like the threat of wasting perfectly good money (on something besides ice cream) to get you out the door at 5:40 am. If I had been running for ice cream I would have been out the door at 5 am.

About 2.9933 miles of actual running this morning. That should make up for 1 or 2 of the 12 cookies I ate yesterday….

Any who, another confession for you … I am the Barefoot Rose but I have not been running barefoot. I’ve been using one of my many pairs of Merrell minimalist shoes. Counter confession: I ran barefoot on the treadmill yesterday at the hotel.

I decided to give barefootedness a whirl during my cool down today. Whoa Nelly! I’ve got some toughening up to do. I expect all the races to be minimally shod.


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My Bio

Next week, I am giving a presentation at a conference in Atlanta. They asked for my bio for the introduction including hobbies or amusing facts just for fun.

So, I wrote:

Stephanie Rose received a BS in Paper from WMU. … unimpressive comment on how she doesn’t do research and has zero patents….. She spent more time preparing for the annual runnabilty 5K run than she did this presentation.

They’ll think it’s funny till they see my presentation then they’ll know it’s 100% truth. It’s just sad how slow my 5K time will be.

7 days to my first 5K in 11 months. My objective is a sub-30.

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I’m Not Registered For The Kalamazoo Races

A Latvian (Art Z?) once told me that Kalamazoo was the easiest place to move to and the hardest place to move away from. I replied, “Unless you grew up there.” However, as the mid-life crisis years fade away, I find the idea of moving back to Kalamazoo easier and easier. Kalamazoo is home even if I don’t live there.

Kalamazoo is also home to a collection of fantastic races, the Kalamazoo marathon, half marathon, and Borgess 5k. I’m very fond of this collection of races because it’s challenging but I’ve done well, 3rd place finish in the 5K and a PR’d in the half, and generally fell in love with running there. I love going home to this collection of races and I’ve been worsted whenever I’ve missed it.

The Kalamazoo / Borgess races are in 2.5 weeks however I am not registered yet.

I am literally staring at the registration page of the Borgess 5K website while periodically writing portions of this post. I should register for the Borgess 5K but I just can’t bring myself to log in. It’s not because I’m not ready to do it (I am completely ill prepared). It’s because I can’t bring myself to register for the 5K while I believe in my heart that I should be running the Kalamazoo Half Marathon.

A reality check here, I shouldn’t be running the half marathon on the grounds that I didn’t get provoked to run again until two days ago which is just three weeks afore the race. So, not only am I not prepared to run a half marathon, I’m not even ready to amble through a 5K.

I should totally be smart about this, right?

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Not Me Or My Sport

When the tragedy at Sandy Hook happened, ever parent I know went home and held hugged their children close. Today, every runner I know is hugging their running shoes in one arm and their family in the other.

Then, just like in a challenging marathon, they are running in those shoes and saying you will not get the best of me or my sport.

Tuesday run: 2.6 miles.

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When Did I Start Smoking?

My oldest is a Boy Scout who needs to make Tenderfoot rank to attend camp this summer. When I asked him what needed to be done, he informed me that he just needed to time himself running 1/4 mile.

Kid, get in the car. He did, minus his shoes. He makes his mama so proud.

The OK (Oldest Kid) lined up at the arrow and took off running in his barefeet. The high school track was laid down just a few years ago so it has plenty of cushion but it can be abrasive to barefeet if your not accustomed to it. Add on gusting 20 mph winds to his situation. OK did pretty well with a time of 2 minutes and 29 seconds.

I high fived him and stepped on the track for my own race. I’m not sure what my problem has been the past year or so. I have a self-diagnosis of Morton’s Nuroma which seems to have sucked the run out of me in this past year. Hint: This is a preface of the next 2 minutes and 17 seconds.

Oh, and I’ve had several uncharacteristic colds this year… Yeah, like in the chest…

I’m standing on the rubbery surface in a 40-something’s starting race stance. I leapt forward at the word Go! The course rubbery texture actually feels good on my feet which is way more than I can say for my lungs. I haven’t even rounded the second corner when it feels like my lungs have decided to hold their breath in protest until I stop running. Not that I can stop running, mind you, because OK is watching and timing me.

I crossed the line at a respectable 2 minutes and 17 seconds.

I had OK run a second time, more so because I was hacking and coughing like a 20 year smoker. It was a struggle to stay standing during OK’s second lap. Even 30 minutes later, I was still trying to dislodge phlegm that had congregated at the base of my throat. I’ve got to get back into running because I don’t recall being a 20 year smoker.


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