When Did I Start Smoking?

My oldest is a Boy Scout who needs to make Tenderfoot rank to attend camp this summer. When I asked him what needed to be done, he informed me that he just needed to time himself running 1/4 mile.

Kid, get in the car. He did, minus his shoes. He makes his mama so proud.

The OK (Oldest Kid) lined up at the arrow and took off running in his barefeet. The high school track was laid down just a few years ago so it has plenty of cushion but it can be abrasive to barefeet if your not accustomed to it. Add on gusting 20 mph winds to his situation. OK did pretty well with a time of 2 minutes and 29 seconds.

I high fived him and stepped on the track for my own race. I’m not sure what my problem has been the past year or so. I have a self-diagnosis of Morton’s Nuroma which seems to have sucked the run out of me in this past year. Hint: This is a preface of the next 2 minutes and 17 seconds.

Oh, and I’ve had several uncharacteristic colds this year… Yeah, like in the chest…

I’m standing on the rubbery surface in a 40-something’s starting race stance. I leapt forward at the word Go! The course rubbery texture actually feels good on my feet which is way more than I can say for my lungs. I haven’t even rounded the second corner when it feels like my lungs have decided to hold their breath in protest until I stop running. Not that I can stop running, mind you, because OK is watching and timing me.

I crossed the line at a respectable 2 minutes and 17 seconds.

I had OK run a second time, more so because I was hacking and coughing like a 20 year smoker. It was a struggle to stay standing during OK’s second lap. Even 30 minutes later, I was still trying to dislodge phlegm that had congregated at the base of my throat. I’ve got to get back into running because I don’t recall being a 20 year smoker.



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2 responses to “When Did I Start Smoking?

  1. Nancy hall

    Love your writing Stephanie! Sorry about you false -positive smoking dx. Take it slowly. I know you loved running. I trust you have been to a dr.??

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