I’m Not Registered For The Kalamazoo Races

A Latvian (Art Z?) once told me that Kalamazoo was the easiest place to move to and the hardest place to move away from. I replied, “Unless you grew up there.” However, as the mid-life crisis years fade away, I find the idea of moving back to Kalamazoo easier and easier. Kalamazoo is home even if I don’t live there.

Kalamazoo is also home to a collection of fantastic races, the Kalamazoo marathon, half marathon, and Borgess 5k. I’m very fond of this collection of races because it’s challenging but I’ve done well, 3rd place finish in the 5K and a PR’d in the half, and generally fell in love with running there. I love going home to this collection of races and I’ve been worsted whenever I’ve missed it.

The Kalamazoo / Borgess races are in 2.5 weeks however I am not registered yet.

I am literally staring at the registration page of the Borgess 5K website while periodically writing portions of this post. I should register for the Borgess 5K but I just can’t bring myself to log in. It’s not because I’m not ready to do it (I am completely ill prepared). It’s because I can’t bring myself to register for the 5K while I believe in my heart that I should be running the Kalamazoo Half Marathon.

A reality check here, I shouldn’t be running the half marathon on the grounds that I didn’t get provoked to run again until two days ago which is just three weeks afore the race. So, not only am I not prepared to run a half marathon, I’m not even ready to amble through a 5K.

I should totally be smart about this, right?


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  1. By “totally smart”, you mean come this way and finish a strong 5k knowing that your heart is here and you can do it!

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